Selling Your Home in Omaha? Do These 4 Things Before you Stake That "For Sale" Sign

Known for its friendly faces and continually-transforming cityscape, Omaha, Nebraska is so much more than the home of legendary steaks. History and wild-west legend are still heavily tied to the city, showcased in the town’s famous Old Market district. The city of Omaha has a sterling reputation as a great place for families, making housing in Omaha highly desirable. According to Zillow’s real estate data, Omaha is currently a sellers’ market, with the median home price averaging around $228,500. If you are looking to sell your home in Omaha, the sellers’ market will give you a strong advantage. There are a lot more buyers looking to find their next home in Omaha than homes listed for sale. By putting a little time and effort into polishing your home before staking a “for sale” sign, you have a great chance of getting excellent offers in just a few short months. These 4 tried-and-true tips will help you have an excellent selling experience. 

Find an Agent that is a Partner 
Step one in selling your home for the maximum value will be to seek out an excellent local agent that will be your partner through every step of the process of selling your home. For a great real estate agent, that partnership will start the moment that you first choose to work together. This means that they should be able to provide you with detailed advice on how to prepare your home to sell prior to actually listing the house. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent for this if they don’t provide it right away. You may also want to work with them to build yourself a timeline of what needs to be accomplished. Remember, you are technically hiring the agent for their services, although they get paid after the home is sold. Their expert advice to prepare your home for sale will only help you garner a higher offer, benefitting both of you. 

Create a Task List during Winter Months (and stick to it!) 
A task list is something that you can start on as soon as you consult with your real estate agent about what needs to be done to prepare the home to be listed. These task lists can be as major as decluttering and professionally staging your home, and they can also be as minor as replacing light bulbs or re-caulking a tub. Getting this done in the winter will ensure your home is ready to sell in the prime season of spring and summer. 

Declutter and Depersonalize Where you Can 
Buyers are looking for a house to make their own home. They typically don’t want to see a barrage of personal items and clutter that shows it has been your home for several years. Decluttering and depersonalizing will only be a benefit, giving prospective buyers a fresh canvas to paint their ideas for a new home. 

Don’t Forget the Outside 
Prior to having any professional photos taken of your home, you should focus on the first impression buyers will see: the curb view. Take the time to either put in the time and energy to revamp your home’s exterior, or invest in hiring a professional to landscape and re-energize your home’s exterior.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay